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Michael Gunckel CPA

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Question: What do hiking, fishing and disc golf have in common? Answer: Patience, perseverance and determination. Like the outdoor sports that he loves, which require stamina and athleticism, Michael plays the “game of life” seriously.  Throughout his life, given the option of giving up or pushing through, Michael always chooses to reach for the summit. Is this trajectory the easiest? Certainly not. Is this view the most rewarding? Absolutely!  

Although he was born and raised in Nashville, TN, where he played his early years as an athlete and later developed his skills professionally as an accounting professional, Michael came to a crossroad in his journey which beckoned him to advance in a new direction.  This year, Michael and his family moved across the country to start a new life and a new business.  This change in geography, stepping up to home plate if you will, is the strategic decision to hit a personal home run.

From the moment that Michael and his wife arrived in Boise, Idaho, they knew they were home.  From the warmth of the people to the stunning beauty of the landscape, the community hit all the high notes required for their new next best chapter. Michael opened his location of Succentrix Business Advisors to bring his talents as a CPA to Boise and to make a new home for his family. His work experience includes accounting, auditing, financial planning and payroll. What truly drives Michael, is his desire to help people.

The activities that Michael is drawn to personally reflect in his professional work as well. Taking the time to coax a fish to a line is no different than looking for clues in financial statements that can glean a more productive revenue stream. Traversing through a fairway, racking up as few strokes as possible in disc golf is rather like strategically navigating a tax return with perfection.  Hiking over rugged terrain requires watching your steps to assure safety and balance much like reviewing a client’s P & L for spikes or divots.    

Michael understands entrepreneurship because he was raised by entrepreneurs. He relishes challenges personally and professionally and embraces the “game of life”. If you want to take your small business “to the next level” and want someone on your team with as much drive and ambition as you have…look no more. You and Michael Gunckel will make a winning team.


Our name Succentrix comes from Success, Succinct and Concentric.


About Succentrix:

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